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Sarah Allred is the Instructional Lead Teacher at Braxton Craven School, an all 6th grade middle school. She has 15 years of teaching experience at the middle school level. Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education earned at the University of NC Greensboro, National Board Certification in Early Adolescent English Language Arts, and a Master of Arts in Education in Instructional Technology earned at East Carolina University. She has taught language arts, social studies, science, and technology. She serves her school in many leadership roles. Her passion is searching for new ways to use technology to improve student learning. Additional roles she fills are mother of two amazing kids, and wife of a police officer. She enjoys reading, gardening, and digital photography.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's Been a While . . .

You can definitly tell when things get crazy busy at school. . . no posts for a while.  What have I been doing? Feels like I've been running a marathon.  Here a quick rundown . . .
1- More Common Core and Essentials training from DPI.
2- Presented Common Core PD for all the county's ELA teachers - through this collaborative PLC we created a curriculum map, and are now working on Theme Based units for each grade level. (more on this later).
3- Planning after-EOG enrichment and remediation for my school (more on this later too).
4- Planning additional PD for my staff on 21st Century Skills(more on this later too - see a pattern here?).
5- Planning a presentation for parents on Common Core and Essentials to be presented at an upcoming parent night and posted on our webpage. (more on . . . well, you know)
6- Attended NC Middle School Conference

Whew!  That's just the big stuff for the last month and a half!

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